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To search, you have the choice of selecting from the following different Locators: Premium, Colleges and Projected. Listed below is a summary of each:

gives you a snapshot of which metropolitan areas offer you the best employee prospects for a particular occupation. It also helps you understand the distribution of employment among industries in each area and provides median salary information. For each metropolitan area, you can quickly access unemployment percentages within an occupation category and within all industries; minority employment per occupation and the availability of skilled workers within an industry as well as cost of living and standard of living statistics that can help you assess the financial health of each metropolitan area. Additionally you get data on each metropolitan area's occupation density, occupation density per industry and industry density. It also provides data on the colleges in each area and the number of graduates, including minority breakdowns. And Premium enables you to refine your search even more narrowly, so you can refer to information about potential employees with very precise demographics.

provides data on the colleges in each area and the number of graduates, including minority breakdowns.

provides projected data for 2018. Total annual average openings with proportion due to growth and replacements are calculated. Comparison to national rates are provided.

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