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About Workforce Locator

As its name implies, Workforce Locator pinpoints the highest yielding pockets of potential employees that meet a company's specific criteria. In fact, Fortune 1000 companies utilizing this breakthrough technology find it indispensable for maintaining a competitive edge - not to mention, it's extremely efficient and cost effective. Research that once took weeks and even months to uncover, calculate and analyze is now at your fingertips with a few simple clicks of the mouse.

Developed by the McFrank & Williams team of economists, econometricians and statisticians, Workforce Locator applies patent-pending formulas and algorithms to regularly updated government and non-government databases to yield a wealth of information for our subscribers. This remarkable research application provides data and insight that can help companies reduce the risk of making very costly recruitment mistakes. This is just a small sample of the vital information that can be mined utilizing Workforce Locator:
  • Cities with the greatest number of employees by job title from specific industries or industry in general.
  • Location of unemployed professionals in specific career categories (e.g., civil engineers, chief financial officers), and also indicates the aggregate size of the entire group (employed and unemployed).
  • Location of minority professionals in specific career categories (e.g., minority accountants, minority engineers, etc.)
  • The standard of living and cost of living in the area in which the best candidates reside, giving businesses seeking personnel a guide for establishing salaries.
  • The locations that will provide the highest potential for success. This insight can then be used by businesses contemplating building a plant or expanding into new areas to choose the geographic locations with the potential employee population they seek.
Workforce Locator changes everything. From now on, there is no guessing about where to advertise for the best candidates. Hit-and-miss recruitment initiatives are a thing of the past. And the risk of choosing the wrong site for expanding your business is greatly diminished.

The success of any company depends on its ability to continually recruit highly skilled candidates. Since 1968, McFrank & Williams has been a leader in developing some of the most innovative recruitment tools and technology designed to accomplish precisely that. Workforce Locator is already proving to be a game changer.

Don't take our word for it; request a no-obligation, online demonstration of this groundbreaking research application.

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