Discover the simple yet remarkably versatile solution for pinpointing your ideal workforce. So fast and economical, it will change the way you search for the right talent - forever!
  • Instantly locate and compare workforces by occupation, industry and location with pinpoint accuracy.

  • Plan minority staffing and diversity initiatives, with simple EEO-1 reporting capabilities.

  • Accurately forecast employment costs using wage, cost-of-living and standard-of-living comparisons by occupation, industry, location and other key variables.

  • Plan your college recruitment strategy
    by knowing which schools have the highest standards and the number of graduating students by major, gender and ethnicity.

  • Strategically plan job fair locations based on the most relevant data, which will ensure the best outcome.

  • Save on the high cost of compiling research manually.

Workforce Locator provides the crucial data that reveals exactly which markets will yield the best return
on your recruitment investment.

"The cost efficiency of an operational launch is critical, now more than ever. Workforce Locator has been our greatest ally in new and recently-acquired markets. Demographics, geographics and all kinds of categorized data made it easier to gauge the density and availability of talent and then engage in Direct Target marketing for our opportunities. We were even able to streamline new hire relocations and business ramp-up. It has certainly taken the guess work out of where we are going to find the skills we need in our start up locations."

- Gary Mika,
Director of Recruiting,
Advanced Technology Services

"In an age of restricted budgets and intense ROI scrutiny, Workforce Locator is an essential tool for understanding where your target audience resides,
and how to get the most out of a recruiting budget."

- Owen O'Brien,
Manager, Business Intelligence
Yahoo! HotJobs

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